Let’s write such a story
You are Alice, and I am a rabbit
ねぇ Please run after.
I may wait here

I give the hint to any misfortune that pours down over you
Therefore, please run after at ease
Please do not say “It is not interested”
The story doesn’t start

It is my egoism
It knows It notices
This is a story for which I hope
I am not in the story for which you hope
The child of the rabbit covered with sexual desire.

If it was possible to say, can become easy?
There is no element that disliking becomes it when searching
I of regretful am a hate figure

ねぇ Alice
Me please run after
Shall I sleep like the rabbit of the story if you hope?
I want you to run after though it embarrasses if passed.

ねぇ Alice
Me please run after
Shall I wait here indefinitely if you hope?
Please cause it quietly if you caught up because it embarrasses it when oversleeping

If you hope, let’s sing any song